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d sales ●in supermark◆ets,

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■retailers in Hangzho◆u received over 47 ○million yuan○ worth of co◆upons. This● is almost ha〓lf of the tot●al amount issued. ●80 p

r 〓General Electric Co◆'s appliances uni◆t and build a global■ business to comp●ete with Electr■olux AB, B●ritain's Sunday T■elegraph repor◆ted, citing unident◆ified people.GE'◆s auction of the un●it, which is be○ing managed by G●oldman Sachs Group I●nc, may also attrac○t competitors, incl■uding South Korea's● LG

ercent of

  • Electronics ●Inc, the newspaper ●reported on Sunday.H◆aier Group Co○rp, China's largest〓 maker of refri〓gerators and ai■r conditioner●s, early this m■onth said it ◆was looking at GE■'s app

    lianc〓e arm and o●ther "opportunities"◆ as it seeks acq○ui

  • sitions overse◆as."Haier will make 〓an assessment on th○e possibility" ●of acquiring■ the GE divis◆ion, Zhang Tie●yan, chief exe◆cutive officer for 〓Asia outside o〓f China, said〓 on August

    1. "Haier■ is open to■ any such opportunit●y."GE Chief Exec

  • ●utive Offic○er Jeffrey Immelt in● May ident●ified Haier and ○Korea's LG Electron○ics Inc as potentia■l suitors for i■ts appliance unit.〓A purchase of the ce■ntury-old d◆ivision would g○iv

    e Haier, which● sells products th■rough Wal-Mart Sto●res In

  • c, Best ○Buy Co and Home Dep◆ot Inc, a house◆hold name to help it■s United States exp○ansion, Blo●omberg News said■. Haier, bas◆ed in Qingdao, Sh■andong Province, ◆"is focusing■ more and mo

    re◆ on overseas mark●ets" where sales r●ose 25.8 percent in

●this was used● in supermarket○s.Related sto〓ries:Blackstone Gr◆oup LP will joi○n Haier Group Cor◆p to bid fo
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